About the Tech Haven Lab

The Tech Haven lab is an effort to bring various virtualized lab environments to members. If you don’t have the know-how or resources to host your own, use us!

How Do I Access the Lab

⁠Vulnerable Application Lab - Hosts CTF challenges and vulnerable applications that you can practice pentesting on
⁠Game of Active Directory Lab - Windows environment to practice Active Directory and learn Windows Server
⁠SOC (Wazuh) Lab - SIEM dedicated to Windows lab
⁠Kali Purple Lab - Kali Purple SOC in a box lab

Lab Rules:

  • Lab subnet resides on Accessing or attacking any other machines outside that subnet is strictly prohibited. Non-lab systems are monitored for these activities.
  • Please respect others that may want to access the lab. Some resources are shared. If a machine is messed up, please contact a staff member and we can rollback the machine to a good state.